Whilst off-the-shelf business software may be the simplest solution, this one-size-fits-all approach is not agile enough for your unique business processes.

Our passion is personalised and unique software solutions that help your business save time and resources to focus on what you do best.

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Our Services

About Weirix

Our focus is on creating user-friendly web solutions so you don’t need to be an expert to use them. We adhere to the principle that if the software or application needs a thorough manual and a sense of ongoing training, it is too difficult. Years of experience have taught us that, in addition to a well-designed user experience, thorough preliminary work is just as important for a good software project. That’s why we begin with understanding your business and its processes before starting to build your software to meet your vision and business objectives.

Our Services

We integrate everything from content management systems to more complex APIs. If the existing solutions do no meet your needs, we will create the desired unique software solutions for your business. We also offer content marketing and search engine optimisation services.

  • Software Development

    We create unique software tailored to your business processes to help make your complex and time-consuming daily operations quick and simple.

  • Content Management Systems and APIs

    We will help you to integrate third-party content management systems, accounting software, stock systems and different APIs.

  • Websites

    We will make you a mobile-friendly website using modern design, technology, marketing and standards.

  • Consultation

    We also offer website, software and digital marketing consultation, or help you find the right software solutions.


Our Clients

Our portfolio includes more than 90 different software solutions and website designs. In collaboration with our partners Adhere Ltd. in England, we have developed a number of large-scale projects, such as Jackdaw.


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